Quick Review – Quorn Thai Green Curry

Quorn Thai Green Curry Review

“It’s nae bad at aw.” This would be how I would describe Quorn’s frozen ‘Thai Green Curry.’ As a 99% vegetarian (blog post to follow) I regularly find myself eating Quorn products; most I like, some I don’t. This is the second time I’ve had this little gem. It’s got ‘chicken-style’ Quorn pieces with broccoli, onion, mangetouts and green pepper covered in a not-at-all spicy green curry sauce. It cooks super quick and I feel that it might just make up one of my five a day. It costs around £2.50 and I get two meals easily out of that. I would say all in all for a ready meal, 9/10!

Thanks Quorn!

PS: The keen-eyed among you will notice that I had pasta with my green curry, conchiglie to be precise and yes, it does go!

Do you have a favourite vegetarian ready meal which you think we should all try?

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