So, I’m writing a book…


In an attempt to become more literary aware I have taken it upon myself to read some of the classic novels. Why have I taken a sudden interest in books I would once never have had the slightest interest to consider? The answer is simple – I’m starting to write my own. There are several reasons why I started to pen, or type depending on where I am located.

The first reason was ‘why not?’ I think if you have created a story or world in your mind, then it is best to share it – imagine if JK Rowling, Terry Pratchett, JRR Tolkien or George RR Martin had kept theirs secret? It may not be complete, it may not make sense but it lives there with you every day. Writing about it helps you understand it. It can help make sense of a confused mind and it can keep you going through a tough day. Why? Because anything can happen in your own mind.

The second reason is because I have realised I would love to write one. I would hope that one day it will be successful and I can fulfill my ‘good life’ dream but overall I want to be immensely proud of something I have done completely by myself. I want to be able to say – ‘I’ve written a book.’

The third reason is because it helps to control a dandelion mind. If you find your mind often wondering it can help to provide focus. Minds can wonder in a good way – creativity, productivity, experimentalism or a bad way – depression, stress and self loathing. We all have these in varying amounts at all stages in our life. Make sure you have something to control them.

With that in mind here are my five top tips on getting started writing:

  1. Have a story which you live inside your head every day – it must be real for you. If you can’t live in it, feel it, breathe it, dream it, then how can you write about every emotion or event as if the reader was there?
  2. Don’t base your characters on real people but use snippets of everyone you know to build your perfect person. Unless of course it’s a true story.
  3. But remember people aren’t perfect.
  4. If you need to write about a rainy day, go and stand in the rain. Likewise, if you are writing about someone obnoxious, go and find someone who you consider to be obnoxious.
  5. Use your own emotions and feelings to develop your story. If you feel sad about what happens, then write sadly.

Do you write or would you like to? Maybe we’ll read each other’s book one day…

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