My Own Piece of Lost Paradise

I guess any good blog on gardening and lifestyle should start at home, and while I may give the impression that my garden is a beautiful, well-kept haven, well it’s definitely not. Over the last 6 years or so I have made efforts to improve upon its neglected state but it certainly doesn’t currently warrant any special attention now. In fact at the moment it’s probably confined to the one on the street which the neighbours shake their head over and consider it to be a bit of a mess. I’d be lying if I said they were wrong. It’s not entirely through lack of previous effort, more a lack of consistent effort.

I’ve put in a pond, extended the patio, made some paths, made raised vegetable beds and erected a pretty large (awesome) greenhouse. In my embarrassment and current shame in taking photos of it, I am just showing the before photographs of the work I’ve done. Keep tuned for the current mess or use your imagination….! It’s my aim to have the full story.


Now it wasn’t perfect then, but now that the pond didn’t quite work out (you can still see the black edges 3 years on), the raised beds are now rotten and form architectural mounds of weeds, the greenhouse is currently a wood drying room (albeit more of a winter use) and couch grass is exceedingly rampant everywhere, I’ve decided that it’s time something was done about it! I mean, really, a bit of decent weeding, strimming and pruning would be a good start – a little again to the tune of uncovering your secret garden but that’s what I did to start with and I don’t really like what I left in from when we moved. So if I’m going to redo this garden – with your help – I’m going to do it properly!



Wish me luck! X

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