The first excerpt….

So here we go, a sneaky excerpt from my book…It isn’t finished yet so this may well be changed, but I hope that it leaves you excited to hear more!!



“Although Aeva slept soundly at this time, her dreams were still vivid and real. Every night her experiences plagued her. They always started at the beginning but the path that they took could be different. As always it felt like it could have been yesterday when they had first met. Just like it could have been mere hours before now when they laughed and joked together. Consider for a moment the historic clock which compresses all of time into a 24 hour visualisation beginning after the creation of the Earth at midnight. Single-celled organisms first swam in warm seas in the early morning, slowly becoming multi-celled by mid-evening. Humans finally appear mere seconds before midnight. Therefore what had happened to Aeva and who she was, was a mere blip on this clock – a pixel above the background noise of human existence. But it was a significant time step above the baseline of human life nonetheless. For Aeva, time seemed to compress itself into a similar function. Years had become hours and major events were as sharp and jolting as the chiming of those hours.

The beginning seemed so close that she could touch it and reach out and caress those beautiful moments of blissful ignorance. However, as she thought back through the mists of time, her memories as delicate as wisps of fog lured her and as she grasped to hold onto her former self, they vanished. Aeva was left hanging, floating then falling, trapped within the gravitational pull of the black hole he epitomised. As she fell deeper and deeper into its all-consuming, never-ending pull, time compressed itself. It warped and twisted her memories too, so much so, that she could not always decipher fact from fiction. A few though, came through as clear as the day she was there.

Her sharpest memory and one which served to set the baseline by which she tried to compare everything to what happened at that time was that first chance meeting. To anyone else it would have been mundane, an everyday occurrence and something which would fade into their own mists of time, to be forgotten and filed away somewhere.  But she remembered the clang of the awkward door as she entered her favourite coffee shop. She remembered the warm smell of roasted beans and fresh baking rushing up her nostrils enticing her to the delicious treat she had come here to savour. Finally she remembered, above all else, it was where she had first met him. At first she had remembered it fondly and held onto the good feelings and the trust she felt. However, now she cursed it as it had become her all-consuming nightmare. It was her stab in her back. It was the poison-laced salt rubbing ever deeper into her wounds.”


Let me know what you think. Do you like the writing style? Do you want to know what happens? See my tips on writing here.


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