St Machar Cathedral

Today I would like to share with you, some images I took on one of my work’s ‘Photoclub’ evenings. A short walk away from the walls which we all toil within, is St Machar Cathedral or to give it its proper name ‘The Cathedral Church of St Machar’. Although closed by the time we got there, we were blessed to see it’s grounds under a gentle evening sunlight. (Read: it rained for quite a while and then the sun came out for the people who persevered).


I won’t go into the history too much – that’s available here. However I will say that the major work leading to its current design and size took place in the 15th century but a church has been on the site since around 600AD. Inside there are fantastic stained glass windows and a panelled oak ceiling with heraldic shields. Unfortunately the church views are dominated by the graveyard, although this is the case with many of these buildings.




The best angle really is to stand from a distance and take an image of the two spires which rise above the local treeline and dominate over nearby Seaton Park.


2016-01-22 16.38.45
The Spires of St Machar on a beautiful evening (taken on a Samsung S5 neo)


This high kirk and the surrounding park and gardens should be high on your visit list should you ever come to Aberdeen.


Unless stated images were taken on a Nikon D80 camera.


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