Gardens dressed for Valentine’s Day

I set myself a challenge for my next photography outing – ‘Pink.’ I thought this was going to be a very challenging subject since most things are varying shades of brown and beige at this time of year. But once I got my eye in there were a whole lot of flowers which are out at this time of year along with a smattering of graffiti I found along the way.


So with Valentines Day approaching, I though that pink, the colour of love, would be a highly appropriate subject to talk about.


It’s definitely worth going out photographing with a limiting factor, be that forcing yourself to work with one lens, aiming for a subject or working towards a competition or within a time limit. It forces you to focus your mind and skills in order to make the best of your options.


If you look for it, pink really sticks out at this time of year but it can also be easily overlooked. There are subtle hints of pink everywhere..


I really enjoyed my outing this morning in the spring sunshine. I encourage you to get out and have a look too. Set yourself a challenge and see what you can find – you may need to get imaginative!


Annette X

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