Playing with fire..

Well, playing with smoke to be precise. I made these really fun images a while ago after seeing the technique in a photography magazine. What annoys me is I can’t really remember how I did them. I used a candle, though you can use incense as this can produce better smoke. You need a black background and a lighting source, a tripod and of course your camera. And that’s about all I remember.

I remember tweaking around with them in Photoshop a bit improving contrast and saturation to get the vivid, dynamic colours. Also I mirrored them all to get more interesting sames and patterns.

An animal with long fangs or moustache perhaps? Slightly elephant like.
A bent spine?
Any ideas?
A pelvis
Smoke 1
Two snakes about to take each other on, or two walking sticks….
Smoke 2
Who knows?

This is definitely a fun thing to do on a dark, rainy day. You don’t even need electricity! I’d love to see your images. I’d like to try these again on my new camera as I have some noise in these and each shape will always be unique – see how you get on!

Annette X

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