Decide on your goals

Do you ever find yourself thinking – I wish I could do that?
I don’t want to say that some goals are not possible but for me it boils down to “well, I can’t do everything! ” There are some which are unrealistic. For example: “I wish I could win the lottery” Well considering I refuse to pay £2 a shot on a ticket, that ain’t gonna happen! So the first step is to work out what you really want to achieve the most. I can’t move to a beautiful remote island in Scotland, Australia, New Zealand and St Lucia can I?! Well technically I could if I stayed there a short time but I’d spend far too much time finding a house, a job I might not like, plus it’s probably too hot for at least part of the year and the cats wouldn’t like it etc. I’m not one to be selfish so that last one is important to me. So for me, and it may not work for everyone, I have worked out what  is achievable given the constraints of ‘myself and my life/those around me.’ Essentially I prioritise. For those of a more entrepreneurial mind frame your goals may be larger but personal goals are just that. They are tailored to you. But perhaps you’re thinking that you might not push yourself and that’s true but it’s really down to you. What do really really want to do and how are you going to get there? Your own self will determine how much you want to push to get there. How are you going to get there within the confines of something else? In some cases it may be the confining factor you wish to change. So for me I split my goals into three parts:

1. My ‘actual real working towards goals’
2. My ‘I’d like to one day but right now they aren’t my priority’ goals
3. And finally my ‘in another life, maybe, you never know, not sure if I would actually like it anyway’ goals

In my next post I’ll share what mine are, but for now have a think. This is your homework – start to think about your life, where you wish you could be, what you really want to improve and dream a little, it keeps your mind moving forward. Eventually we’ll write them down but for now just think.

Annette X

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