Let’s do this.

So a while back, in December I started out on a fitness spurt and it actually resulted in me going to the gym or exercising almost every day almost to the end of January. Then in January I started on my diet. I was trying to start something new every month that would,  essentially ‘make me a better person’ if that’s the way of putting it. Then (you can decide if this is a valid excuse or not) I got a bad cold which dragged on for weeks and I lost the rhythm.  Then when I was just about ready to return to the concept I got another bad cold which I’ve only just shaken off now.
So what am I trying to say? Well it’s time to start again. And you are going to help me because this blog (another thing which I thought I would do to better myself) is going to document my confessions and successes. That sneaky little chocolate bar I had to have – it will be on here. Think of this blog like a psychiatrist’s couch. I want to go vegan and I know it will be a journey. It took me about 3 years to become a vegetarian. Indeed it wasn’t at all helping by the shocking lack of healthy options at my school but still, giving up turkey on Christmas Day was the last thing I did. What I did over those 3 years was train my mind to no longer accept that meat and fish are an option for me to eat anymore. For me it’s all about conditioning yourself and develping (good) habits which you no longer need to argue with or question but just accept. Developing habits are hard especially when they go against what we currently accept and especially when we are confronted every day by the devil. The devil of course being everything you are trying to avoid. In my case this is cakes and chocolate mainly! Yesterday I went for a run – 5.5 miles and it felt good. It felt right. I’ve come to accept that the only thing limiting you in life is yourself. We are all in different situations and we all have to make choices which often have to work round other people. My husband is an ultra runner so perspective is a little bit of an issue in this household. “He’s only got 20 miles to go” is a sentence used as commonly as “what’s for tea?” Does that make it more difficult when I’ve ‘only’ done a 5.5 mile run in a house where 50 is ‘normal’? It shouldn’t do because each of your goals and your limitations are individual to you. When I see overweight people out running or at the gym, I almost want to cry because they are achieving as much as that man who ‘only’ has 20 miles. They are pushing themselves and that’s what I want to do too. I set goals at work so why not at home too? I think there are two ways to blog – the one that leads us to believe that the writer leads a perfect life and the one that reveals our innermost fears and confessions. I certainly intend to do the latter. And so I must leave now as real life beckons. And the cat requires attention/is causing chaos because he is causing chaos. Until next time when we meet on the confessional couch.

Annette X


  1. It does get easier exercise wise. I tried being vegan a few years ago but failed. Now as a result of diabetes I have to limit my carb intake so I do rely on cheese a lot. 😉


  2. I went Vegan in January. Best thing I ever did. I don’t regret a moment of it…however, don’t fall into the trap I did of finding vegan substitutes and junk food haha! The hardest thing for me was milk. The children were already dairy free, so I tried a few nut milks and found my favourite in tea and favourite in coffee. You can do it! Lots of support groups on Facebook – there is a shopping one which is really handy, as everyone posts about vegan supermarket finds.


    1. I think the hardest thing is how prepared you have to be all the time. You have to think what you’re having for lunch several days ahead which is fine, but like you say, sometimes you just want to have a pizza 😉

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