Week 1 – Running on veg

So the first week of pretty much veganism and getting back into a fitness regime seems to have gone without a hitch. I have had no lack of energy and other than feeling a bit hungry at times, food, or cravings more specifically have not really been an issue. I even made my first vegan cake – Jamie Oliver’s brownies and I must say they are pretty awesome! It comes highly recommended from me. Did feel like I spent a lot of time in the kitchen though.

Free running magazine

Looking back on it i would say it has actually been a pretty successful week. I picked up a copy of the free runABC (Scottish Running Guide) at the Sports Village this morning and I may use it to pick one or two races over the summer! It’s worth a read if you can get a copy as it has a list of most of the races in Scotland around the 10k mark. In it I also found out about RunningHeroes (sign up via this link and I might get a free t-shirt :P)  It’s big in France apparently and is making its way over to the UK. Basically you can link your Strava or Garmin account to it (amongst others) to earn points for the runs you do. You can then use these points to ‘buy’ discounts from sports retailers. There are also competitions as well which you can only enter, for example, if you have run 10 miles that week. There is also Bounts as well (use code “raffan49884” and we’ll both get 100 points :P) which is like Nectar points for just going out and doing sport! What’s to lose?

I guess they could be open to abuse but for the majority of us it can be an incentive to get out there! Only time will tell if it’s a major success but I’m going to give it a go for now.

I managed to keep a food diary all week. I find the process of writing it down helps with knowing how much you are actually eating. Plus here’s the exercise log:

Sunday 1st May: 5.5 mile run in minimalist shoes – great to work on your calves for a change. Took me over an hour but saw some new scenery around Scotstown Moor. Note to self: Mud = fun.

Monday 2nd May: 4.4 mile run along the beach. Burning calves after this one! Definitely a bit of walking at the end and maybe the middle…. Didn’t help that I wore Merrell Trail Gloves again….It was a glorious evening and I enjoyed being out.

Tuesday 3rd May: 3.6 mile Krunce Cosmics challenge series at Tyrebagger hill. This is my baseline run. It’s important to have something to gauge yourself by. Parkrun is also good for this. My time was 43 minutes for this first one – to be repeated again next month! It was hard. Even UltraMikeR said it was hard. So that means it is actually, hard. I was really concerned about being last but I wasn’t. Note to self: I need to get over this fear. Saw the inspirational CarolW there.

Thursday 5th May: 5.5 mile run along the beach promenade. It was a lovely evening but man did I feel tired! Didn’t stop my Strava properly so ended up including my walk to work and back the next day….oops. Note to self: Learn to use Strava properly.

Saturday 7th May: Trip to the gym. 30 mins on the spin bike, 5 min cool down on treadmill plus a couple of weights equipment.

Food: 9/10; Mind: 8/10; Body: 7/10

Success=1; Fail=0

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