Some spring garden flowers

Now that it’s starting to warm up a little things are really starting to take off in the garden. This is what’s looking good in the garden at the moment.

I got these gorgeously coloured and hugely-flowered pansies from Dobbies a few weeks ago. To be honest their flowers are a little too big and floppy, but they weather really well which is great.

I’ve planted them here with white Petunias and a Limnanthes douglasii (Poached Egg plant). These should produce some really nice colour over the summer.

2016-05-08 15.56.14

It’s been so mild this year that my Dahlias which I left out over winter have survived. I was going to redo this tub but decided just to freshen up the compost. The white Petunias and Limnanthes douglasii will go really well with this white-edged Hosta. If I remember correctly the Dahlia in here is dark red – super contrast! Looking at this picture now I think a white Dahlia would have been better but the red will pack a punch.

2016-05-08 16.10.55

My Clematis cartmanii which if I can remember I think is ‘Avalanche’ is filling the greenhouse with the most wonderful fragrance. It didn’t flower much last year, partly because it got attacked by aphids but this year it’s covered in pale greeny flowers. I love the cartmanii Clematis‘. They are only hardy to -5°C so you really need a greenhouse but if you do I really recommend that you get one. They aren’t cheap to buy but worth every penny for the show and scent they put on at this time of year. I got this one at Gardening Scotland a good few years ago and it was wonderful the number of comments I got from people as I walked around with it!


Pulsatilla‘s also look great at this time of year. Calendula also pretty much do not stop flowering in my garden. They go quiet around February but generally they will show a happy face most of the year. I just allow them to seed around and they come up in various shades of yellow and orange plus some have light centres and some dark. Chuck a few seeds around and they won’t disappoint. The same goes for Honesty as well. They move around the garden growing where they please. Foxgloves are also going that way in our garden too. These are all welcome travellers because they are all great for wildlife.

Keep an eye out for sleepy bumblebees at this time of year. Those sitting under flowers often overnight can get cold and hungry. Often all they need is a quick sugary pick me up. You can help them out by dissolving a little bit of sugar in some water on a teaspoon. They’ll slurp it up and be off in no time. If they aren’t taking it, pop them on a Dandelion (they love these and they are everywhere) and pour some into the flower. They’ll soon start drinking as it’s a more natural way for them to realise that it’s nectar. I found one today which had gotten stuck in the greenhouse. It was glad of a very long drink.

It was a glorious afternoon here today. I hope that you have managed to get out and enjoy your garden too.


Annette X

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