Jamie Oliver’s Vegan Brownies

I made Jamie Oliver’s Vegan Brownies last weekend. To be honest I was nervous. They were to be my first vegan cake. No eggs? Yikes! I was expecting a gloopy lump of slightly weird tasting stodge. However, I was very pleasantly surprised – these were pretty good!

They had nice simple ingredients all of which I actually had in the fridge or store cupboard. They were easy to make and follow. I’m surprised they are only rated as 4/5 stars as I thought they were better than that indicated.

Ingredients (forgot to put the oil in the picture)

The mixture turned out brownie-like and the nuts on top were a great idea.


I over-baked them a little bit because I forgot to set the oven timer but they still turned out really great. They are on the cakier side of brownies and they do go a bit more stodgy as they store. They had a slight crust but it wasn’t obvious mainly because of the nuts over the top.


So how do these rank in my perfect vegan brownie quest?

  1. Caki-ness = 7.5
  2. Gooiness = 6 (need to check whether that’s because I cooked them a little too long)
  3. Crispy top = ?
  4. Chocolate flavour = 7
  5. Sweetness = 8
  6. Ease of baking = 9
  7. Ingredient complexity = 9
  8. Overall taste = 7.5 to begin with, dropping to 7 after a day

I would definitely make these again, next time reducing the cooking time a little and perhaps leaving the nuts off to find out if we find that crispy top. They are super easy to make and the ingredients are great too. They work really well if you heat them up in the microwave as it relaxes them a little – and who doesn’t love a warm brownie. Overall I would say these are a great baseline recipe and you won’t be disappointed.


      1. That is awesome! Do not hesitate to reach out if I can be of any help (been vegan +10 yrs) also here’s my site in case you feel like trying any of my recipes 😊 kindfoodlove.com


      1. Oh interesting! I’ve been too much of a wuss to try any of the stranger sounding ones yet. Sweet potato brownies seem to be having a moment too.


      2. You’ve given me an idea – a delectable selection of veg based brownies. We could have tatties, sweet potato, carrot, courgette, avocado, butternut squash, pumpkin….I feel a challenge coming on!! I think you should try one – you may never turn back!! I’d love to know how you get on. I’m just wondering what I will make this weekend 😀 I have an aubergine?!?!


      3. I hope you discovered a new cake – aubergine and lemon or something! Yeah I think I’ll definitely have to jump on the veg bandwagon, I have a glut of sweet potatos so that might be the one


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