Quest for the perfect brownie

So I’m quite excited by today’s post. I have my old go to brownie recipe which I liked for it’s crispy top and sticky chocolate interior. However now I must embark on a quest to find a new fully vegan one.

So, the perfect brownie is a hard thing to find (and in fact my old one wasn’t perfect but it worked well). Opinions differ on what it is – really gooey or just a bit sticky? Cake like with a fluffy middle or all out stodge? For me at least it must be very chocolatey and it must be melt in the mouth with a perfect balance of cake and goo. It should have a crispy top and not be too sweet. I’m on the fence as to whether it has nuts but these are generally something you can add if you like or omit if you don’t. As a general rule I always make brownies which contain dark chocolate and not just cocoa powder, but hey I’m open to experiment!

So along the way I’m going to rank them using the following criteria and score them out of 10 where 10 is “awesome” and 1 is “don’t bother it’s not worth it” :

  1. Cake-like-ness (for those who prefer a cakier option)
  2. Gooey-ness (for those who like a gooier option)
  3. Crispy top (essential)
  4. Chocolate flavour (of course)
  5. Sweetness (some I find just too darn sweet)
  6. Ease of making (the easier the better, washing up production included)
  7. Ingredient complexity (because sometimes lets face it, we don’t always have obscure ingredients to hand).
  8. And finally an overall eating score.

First, and a good start is top of Google’s search for ‘vegan brownies;’ Jamie Oliver’s ‘Vegan Chocolate Brownies.’



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