6 Reasons to Run and G.O.T

The formal gardens of Seaton Park

G.O.T.: Get Out There. As the infamous Nike slogan says – Just Do It.

It has taken me a while to get into running and even now it hasn’t yet become habit. Now looking back I suspect that was because in the past I had no deep down reason to run or do exercise or to G.O.T.

Just recently I have started to try and run for a reason. What I mean by this is that running we will generally do to keep fit – and that is a great reason, but alone it’s not enough for me. Each run has to have another reason.  It’s almost like it has to serve more than one purpose. I need a goal or an aim for each and every time I go out. It needs to be fresh in my mind and it has to be motivating. It’s almost as if I need my mental self to agree with my physical self.

Some of the reasons I have used to G.O.T. could be:

  • to explore a new place or take a new path – there are so many little paths which we would never go down.
  • to listen to music which I enjoy and others may not – then no-one else has to hear it. Cheesy pop tunes, why not?
  • to take photographs along a route – often we go out in the evenings or early mornings when the lighting is best. Grab your phone camera and don’t feel bad about stopping. Just enjoy it. Explore new places. Share.
  • to focus on something in particular such as a book chapter or blog post – generally my mind goes blank when I run but sometimes I can concentrate on one thing. Sometimes that mind zen time is what you want. It’s just you against the world.
  • to listen to the waves – get muddy, run in the sea. Run where you want. A path is just where everyone else goes, but you can make your own
  • to get out into the countryside – you can see more and get further, just don’t forget to enjoy it. Walk if you want. Breathe. Feel.



Now they may sound like mundane reasons but my point is that each run has a focus. It could be a fitness focus like ‘I’m going to get a PB up that hill” or “I’m going to really push myself today.” Or it could be, like for me today, wanting to take photos of the local park, Seaton Park, to capture the fresh vibrant new spring growth.

In the past I would have felt’guilty’ for stopping so often but actually I’m out there, running, and more importantly enjoying it while I was doing so. It feels productive both physically and mentally. Can’t get over that ‘guilty’ feeling? Use it as a sprint session between locations.



Find things you didn’t know were there. Know that just by being out there you are achieving something – after all the hardest part is taking the decision to get off the sofa, to put on your shoes, to go out into the cold and to G.O.T in the first place. Find out what it takes to do this, then grab it by the horns and knee it in the balls as you fly over that hurdle.


Wallace Tower, Tillydrone
New Box balls in the Formal Garden


Whatever your reason, enjoy Getting Out There.

Annette X


  1. Earlier this year I entered a 10k run to motivate myself and the race is actually tomorrow!! I was running 3 times a week and even getting up at 6am to do my training before work which is something I NEVER thought I’d do. This all came to a halt about 2 weeks ago as I’ve had a really bad head cold which I still haven’t shaken off. Really disappointed but going to do the run anyway although I won’t be breaking any records! Love your post as it definitely offers lots of motivation and once people start running they will hopefully learn to enjoy it and stick with it! I’m still getting to that stage but the many benefits of running which you mention are reason enough to keep going 🙂


    1. You’ll be surprised how much your legs remember and it’s good to have a break. However I’m sorry to hear you have had a cold – that sucks. Best of luck with your run and I hope that it goes well for you.

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