New Shoes and a New PB!

I was very excited to buy a new pair of trail running shoes last week. Fed up of the garish colours offered by many I went for a much more sensible black pair – Asics Gel-Sonoma 2. My reasoning for the purchase is that I ‘need’ a pair of trail shoes for the Lakeland 50 at the end of July.

ASICS Gel-Sonoma 2 Women's Trail Running Shoes - SS16

They cost £40 after a sneaky wee 15% discount on I currently have a pair of road Asics Gel-105 shoes and I have always found them very comfy, therefore decided to go for another pair. I did go half a size smaller than previously though and as a result these are a little tighter but still fit well. To be honest I probably should have stuck to a size 6.

Now for a bit of shoe porn…heh heh.


Anyways I decided to take them out on a test run at the Aberdeen Beach Park Run. Not exactly trail but good for a wee trial jaunt and not too far from home if things go pear-shaped! For this inaugural occasion I even made an effort to co-ordinate…me co-ordinate?!

Not too bad for co-ordination?

A lot of my running tops are throw outs from the OH so I also may have snuck in a new top in my SportShoes order – a PureLime seamless top. Their stuff seems really nice and I may find one or two other items in future magically dropping into my shopping basket! To be honest the top was a little warm for the weather on saturday but I never felt overly sweaty in it as it seems to be able to cool you quite well – it could be the magic stripes up the side. I did find it rode up so it needs to be tucked in. This is fine if you have a super sleek body but I do like something to cover up the squidgy bits!

They do say not to try out new kit during a race (not that Park Run is particularly a race) but I was pretty surprised to get a new 5K PB time of 27:08. This vegan-ish diet might be doing something? I felt pretty good throughout if a little warm. I did slow a little in the 3rd quarter but hey that’s just something to work on for next time isn’t it?

Has to be done right? Tried to get the shoes in there…

So next time I’ll be looking for sub-27 minutes….follow my blog to find out if I make it next time (have to plug it).

As for the verdict on the shoes, they were pretty comfy. They resulted in a little bit of wee toe damage (photo by request :P) but that is probably expected in new shoes. Hopefully I will go out for a longer trail run in them next time and baptize them in mud.

BTW I’d highly recommend Park Run – it’s free and they are all over the country (UK). There’s a handful in the US but do support them if you can as they are great. They have a great community associated with them. All speeds turn up from fastest to slowest from fittest to never ran/jogged before. There will always be a great cheer for the last person home 🙂

Annette X

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