Really Easy Supper – The Key to Perfect Wraps

I don’t about you but sometimes it can feel quite challenging when it’s Friday night and there is nothing you fancy more than just shoving a pizza in the oven, if only it wasn’t for the fact that you have made a choice not to eat said pizza anymore.

I think it’s great, therefore to have a series of quick easy to buy/make things which are super tasty and fulfil that craving. Simple things you can turn to in that moment of need. Tonight I had really easy wraps for my supper. Really, the only critical ingredient for these is the wraps themselves (because then they wouldn’t be wraps right?!) Other than that you can pretty much put what you want in them. For me there are four key components to the perfect wrap:

  1. Wraps: wholewheat, plain, herby, spinach, mediterranean – choose what you want, it’s just gotta wrap it all up.
  2. A sauce or spread: salsa, hummus, mayonaise, guacamole, sour cream, chutney, tomato sauce out a tin, baked beans, whatever – it’s just gotta do some palatal moisturising!
  3. A protein source: Linda McCartney sausages (vegan yumminess, cook in around the same time as a pizza), a veggie burger, Quorn, eggs, chickpeas or other beans, falafel – this is for taste, texture and substance.
  4. Salad: lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, spinach, celery – anything fresh, healthy, crisp and crunchy.

Get these four parts right (more than one of each recommended!) and you will have yourself a super tasty really easy supper easily made in 15 minutes. OK I could include a 5th, which is cheese, but since I’m trying to avoid that delicious cheese-topped, salty, melty, cheesy goodness pizza I’m not including it……..

We love to get all the parts laid out in bowls to share but you could easily save on the dishes by not doing this. Cocktail sticks are ideal for keeping them from unravelling while you construct. They can be hot or cold or hot and cold. All I know is I don’t think I’ve ever had one which was not tasty.

And finally the best thing is? It’s so much better for you than that pizza (even if inside you cry a little when you see them in the supermarket).

Vegetarian wrap idea
Super easy vegetarian wrap and sooo yummy

Enjoy – I’d love to see your favourites!

Annette X

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