The Quest Continues – Vegan Richa Brownies

Chocolate almond and oat brownies

So today’s vegan brownies are brought to you by the gorgeous Vegan Richa. After my experiment with making my own Almond Milk, I have quite a lot of almonds to use in various forms. Therefore I decided to hunt down a recipe using almond flour. I’ve used it quite a lot in recipes as it adds a really great moisture and texture to baking. After a quick Google search, on the front page I found this Gluten Free Vegan Brownie and thought I had to give it a try. It wasn’t difficult to be tempted by the wonderful pictures and straightforward, if a little different than usual, method.

This recipe was very easy to make, though as usual I adapted the recipe a little to make it more my own. I put in over a 1/4 cup more milk and halved the vanilla essence. I also left the mixture for 10-15 minutes to allow the oats to absorb some of the liquid because they are thirsty little beasts. Brownie mixtures should be runnier than a traditional cake mix and should be quite glossy. I baked it for 5 minutes less than the recommended also.



For a change I used some really dark chocolate and that reminded me that the chocolate you use makes a huge difference on the resulting brownie. Note to self, do a trial one day of different chocolates in brownies to compare taste and texture. Second note to self, make sure and invite people round and go to the gym before and after said trial.



These were surprisingly light considering the ingredients. The texture was pretty good if a little crumbly. However the OH and I agreed that the ‘mouth feel’ just wasn’t right. I think that there are things that can be taken from this recipe and used to enhance another. Here’s the verdict:

  1. Cakiness: 8
  2. Gooiness: 7
  3. Crispy top: 6
  4. Chocolateyness: 7
  5. Sweetness: 8 (the chocolate I used was possibly a little too dark)
  6. Ease of making: 8 (I like the idea of melting the chocolate in the hot milk)
  7. Ingredient complexity: 7
  8. Overall taste: 7 (taste was pretty good, just didn’t have the right feel)

There are factors worth developing in this recipe, namely the light texture but it’s not quite right as it is. Pretty spot on for being gluten free and vegan though!


Annette X



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