S’mores cupcakes from Rawsome Vegan

This is the second recipe I made from this awesome book: Rawsome Vegan Baking
(a friend even bought it when she saw it online after I took in the peanut cookies to work). You’ll have to buy the book (using the link above if you’d be so awesomely kind…) for the recipe! It would make an excellent raw food dessert recipe and if you used gluten free oats it would also be a raw vegan gluten free option. Anything else I’ve missed out there?

These are sooo good. I wouldn’t entirely call them ‘raw’ as I had to use the microwave to melt the coconut oil, but I’ll leave you to consider whether that’s an issue for you 😉

The book makes 4 large cupcakes, however I made 14 small ones in the mini fairy cake trays you can get (like this one). I would recommend this as I think that a large one would be too rich but feel free to do otherwise! The small ones are perfect for a little portable healthy on-the-go snack.

They didn’t quite turn out like the picture in the book. How the marshmallow topping got so smooth and creamy in the picture I don’t know. No matter how much my food processor would process they would never get that smooth using nuts! Anyway, they still, tasted, awesome.

So go buy the book guys cos I will probably blog about more of these sweet raw foods over the coming months and I wouldn’t want you to miss out!

S’mores Raw Vegan Cupcakes

BTW: I am in no way endorsed or sponsored for this 😉 I just think it’s a really great book.

Annette x


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