Brexit and Scotch Eggxit?

I think a lot of the readers of this blog are from the great US of A so I thought it may interest you to hear some thoughts of a Scottish person after the outcome of Brexit early this morning. I will share with you some of the thoughts, fears and observations of my day. I’m not a great talker of politics as there’s too many arguments and confrontations for my liking, but this goes beyond that.

To be honest my day started like any other aside from the fact we are on holiday at the moment. We are trying to do up the house to sell (more on this over the coming months!). I was aware that the UK referendum was the previous day but never did I really expect to wake up and start a day which would change the course of history as we expected it. I guess we always get used to the status quo. The previous Scottish Independence Referendum confirmed that Scotland were happy to remain as part of the UK – “Better Together” as they said. I’m not particularly against leaving, but I am against dividing people and nations. I must admit I did vote to leave the UK but I was happy with either outcome. I sat on the fence, but I had to vote one way or the other. Change can be a good thing as well as bad. We always have to keep our eyes open and adapt.

When my OH first showed me the result my first question was: “Is that the final number?”

“Yes,” he replied “but it’s not a legally binding vote this one.”

“Aaah, hmm,” I said “that’s kinda close, that’ll never go through then. That’s too close surely.”

As I then saw the map which showed that every single county in Scotland had voted to remain, this was closely followed by: “Gee, look at Scotland! That’s not going to go down well. Maybe David Cameron will decide to remain and Scotland will be like ‘yey,’ we like the UK!” I did feel a moment of pride here as, even if the UK hasn’t, Scotland I feel has become more united since the Independence referendum. I’m generally a Green supporter but I have to admire Nicola Sturgeon’s ability to lead the country together. On a side note I’m also impressed with how many women there are at the head of Scottish politics.

That aside, as the day wore on it was clear that the days of the United Kingdon as we know it are limited. David Cameron announced his stepping down ( a little ‘abandoning ship’ I thought) and Nicola Sturgeon said that a new independence referendum was on the table.We had the news on for a while but it’s all speculative at the moment and pretty repetitive. They were going into detail about all the parts of the UK – how Northern Ireland, London and Scotland had all voted to remain. The saddest part for me is not whether we remain or not, but that it has divided everyone. It damages the EU and it threatens the United Kingdom.

What is interesting, is that according to social media at least, 99% of people my OH and I know (i.e. our friends and work colleagues) voted to remain.

Who knows, it could be good? If it builds us up as a nation together or apart, within the EU or out, I will be happy. If we support each other through the process and seek to build our strengths rather than undermine each other’s weaknesses then it may be OK.

Then to be honest, my day ended like any other. Only time will tell what’s going to happen. All I know is that change is afoot and it’s a little worrying for me and many others.

How do you feel about the outcome.

Annette X

PS Hope you like the title – courtesy of the OH: #scotcheggxit – make it viral!




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