Super Healthy Rice and Vegetable Rolls (Vegan)

Vegan rice paper, vegetable and herb rolls

Japanese-style food is always super tasty and usually super healthy too! These raw vegetable and herb rice paper rolls are no exception.

Last night I dug out some dry rice paper pancakes we had had for a while but had been waiting until I had loads of fresh herbs from the garden to incorporate in them. The great thing about these though is that you can pretty much add whatever you want. There is absolutely minimal cooking – all that’s needed is some hand hot water to soak the rice sheets in. There is time required slicing all the veg and rolling up the rolls but they are so satisfying that it’s all worth it.

Recipe for Super Healthy Rice and Vegetable Rolls

  • Rice paper sheets (available in Chinese supermarkets)
  • A selection of chopped fresh herbs – mint, basil and/or parsley are perfect
  • A selection of very thinly sliced vegetables – carrots, mini sweetcorn, pak choi, peppers, asparagus, cucumber, radish and/or celery are all great
  • Soy sauce and/or wasabi or maybe some chilli sauce?!
  • A large bowl of hand hot water
Rice pancakes and herbs
Rice paper sheets and fresh herbs
Thinly sliced vegetable platter
Check out this awesome platter of sliced vegetables!
  1. Place one sheet at a time for about 15 seconds into the hot water.
  2. You will notice that the paper collapses as it softens and becomes translucent. Try not to fold it if possible – you can peel them apart but they might rip (I’ve made a bit of a mess of this one as I was taking a picture). After the first you’ll be fine! Using two hands helps.

  3. Flatten out on a board and put your desired veg and herbs towards one side.

    Add your chosen vegetables to your spring roll
    How to make a rice paper and vegetable roll
  4. Start rolling so that the paper tucks in all the veg in a tight sausage. After the first roll tuck in the ends and then roll everything together to the end. The rice paper sticks to itself pretty well.
  5. Then eventually you’ll have lots of translucent-looking vegetable slugs!

    Finished rice pancake rolls
    Lots of translucent vegetable rice rolls ready to cut and then eat!
  6. To get a professional looking finish, slice them in half at an angle. Serve with soy sauce and wasabi.


Rice and vegetable rolls
Delicious rice rolls with raw vegetables and herbs
Soy sauce and rice pancakes
Perfect dinner to impress and so easy to make!

These are so easy to make. You could make them in advance but don’t keep them touching each other as they will stick to one another! They make a great idea for a meal starter or as part of a main meal. They are so colourful and healthy. My Super Speedy Sushi would go so well with these. Why not get some friends round to celebrate and have a Japanese evening?

Hope you enjoy x



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