Crispy Kale – an Easy, Tasty Veg

We quite often have crispy kale for supper. It’s easy to make, tastes great and is pretty healthy.

All you need to do is empty a packet of kale into a large oven tray. Next drizzle over a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and some salt. Then massage it all in with your hands until everything is well covered.

2016-06-25 18.19.35
Crispy kale before it goes in the oven

Put in an oven at about 150°C fan for 6 minutes, then mix around. Return to the oven for 4 minutes and stir again. After a final 3-4 minutes remove from the oven. You can easily put it in a hotter oven, you will just need to stir it around more frequently to prevent burning.

This is best eaten fresh as it tends to go a bit soggy if kept. However I do sometimes keep it in the fridge to add to salads.

Et voila.

2016-06-25 19.04.40
Crispy kale – so easy to make



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