Cocoa Tea – Chocolately, Healthy Warming Goodness!

If you haven’t tried cocoa tea, then now is a good time to start. I tried a wee sneaky bag at a friends house and it was so good I went and bought a tub as a special treat to myself (my OH just got his new job so it was deserved, for him, honest…..!) Anyways. This stuff is from Hotel Chocolat and it’s so good, and completely vegan too unlike a lot of their other oh-so-tasty chocolates. As I have hinted at, it isn’t cheap, working out at £10 for 18 tea bags. Enjoyed in moderation though it is worth it. The smell when you open the tub is almost worth it alone anyway….

It’s a bit like ‘watery hot chocolate tea’ if that’s how I would be asked to describe it. I’m perhaps not completely selling it there but hopefully you get the idea. Sometimes hot chocolate can be really sweet and sometimes you want that chocolate hit without the calories. Well, your prayers have been answered. OK, I’d be lying if a bar of delicious chocolate wasn’t better….but it’s a step in the right direction at least.

All in all I really like it.

Chocolate Tea
Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Infusion Tea with Vegan Brownie

Add in my favourite vegan chocolate brownie recipe so far: Kris Holechek’s (modifed) Ultimate Brownies and you’re sorted. The one in the photo is from The Minimalist Baker.

Vegan brownie from The Minimalist Baker

Featured flower today is Clematis ‘Marjorie.’ She is very beautiful and absolutely covered in these wonderful double blooms with a cream centre and pink edges around June time. Most pictures I have seen don’t do her justice.


Annette x

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