A Healthy Shade of Beige and Sage

The different shapes and sizes of Sage leaves

Beige or even yellowy-orange. That colour of food that screams processed, deep fried, mass produced. Well I made a ‘beige’ supper the other day that is probably the healthiest beige thing I’ve eaten in a while, apart from possibly, the deep fried sage…

Squash, orange, carrot and pea cous cous with Spicy Bean Burgers, Romaine lettuce and deep-fried sage leaves

To the cous cous I added roasted butternut squash, grated carrot, peas, tomatoes and fresh pieces of orange along with some of the oil I used to fry the sage, salt and pepper.

Well, the deep fried sage leaves may not have been so healthy. I had them at a restaurant once and i thought they were great. Therefore I thought I would have a go at making my own.

Sage leaves
Deep frying Sage leaves
Deep frying Sage leaves

You only need to fry then for about 5 seconds – and that was too much! All mine seemed to come out burnt!

Deep-fried sage leaves

Still, they add an interesting bit of decoration to a plate. I may try them again but only pretty much dip them in and out of the hot oil. That should help keep their colour too. It’s always fun to experiment otherwise you won’t discover anything new!




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