Whirlwind Week

Suri meeting her new neighbours

I haven’t written a blog post in over four weeks (thank goodness for scheduled posts) or posted in three! It’s been a pretty crazy few weeks:

  1. I went to Ethiopia – this was a trip I will never forget (if largely for number 2).
  2. I picked up some kind of Ethiopian super vomiting-diarrhoea virus (my stomach is not yet back to completely normal after several weeks…)
  3. And best of all – I have moved house to a beautiful cottage in the country! Currently with no internet access or phone signal, hence the silence!

I’ll cover each of these separately over the coming weeks but here’s some photos to whet your appetite.

Hawassa - Ethiopia
Hawassa – Ethiopia


View from Old Slains Castle
View from the new hoose

Expect some Ethiopian inspired recipes over the coming months (once my body actually becomes interested in food again…).Also with an awesome new kitchen hopefully there will be some as awesome bakes!

Sheep - the new neighbours
The new neighbours

Also today I’m in Bognor Regis also so expect some photos from here including a wee bit on my first Airbnb experience!

Keep tuned!









    1. Sorry realised after you replied that it does sound like I’m moving to Ethiopia! That was just a trip for work 😆 have moved to the beautiful Scottish countryside! Sorry for any confusion. Hopefully will still be many exciting adventures though!

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