The Vegan Society Chocolate Brownies

Cakey brownies

It’s great to have a day off once in a while. My first port of call on my to do list was to make another brownie recipe on My Quest. This week’s recipe comes in the form of The Vegan Society’s Chocolate Brownies. I haven’t tried any other recipes from this site yet, but I do quite fancy this meringue one with aquafaba.

The making of these brownies are really split into two parts – the initial making of a thick chocolate sauce and then the more traditional combining of all the ingredients. Making the chocolate sauce was quick and easy. It thickened and cooled pretty quickly, ready for the next part.

After that it’s a pretty much straight forward combining of ingredients, including more sugar and fat! Mmmm.

Glossy mixture for vegan brownies
Glossy mixture for vegan brownies


The recipe says to put these in the oven for 30 minutes but mine were ready after 20 minutes, using the tray in the photo above. To be honest they would probably be fine with less. Unlike other recipes I have made, these were really easy to get out the tray and cut into portions.

Cooked tray of The Vegan Society chocolate brownie
Cooked tray of The Vegan Society chocolate brownie

And what about the taste? These are almost the ultimate cakey brownie – rich and dark and very cakey,’ would be how I describe them. I was worried these would be too sweet with the amount of sugar going in but they weren’t. The flavour was all there but there was no goo! And no crispy top either! This was definitely a chocolate cake – but an excellent chocolate cake nonetheless. It would be amazing with a gooey fondant centre or made into a round version with layers, or cupcakes.

The Vegan Society Brownies
The Vegan Society Brownies

So the verdict:

  1. Cakiness: 10
  2. Gooiness:4
  3. Crispy top: 4
  4. Chocolateyness: 8
  5. Sweetness: 8
  6. Ease of making: 7.5
  7. Ingredient complexity: 8
  8. Overall taste: 8

In summary taste is great, cake is great, gooey brownie not so much.

Why not try the best recipe I’ve found so far: A slightly modified recipe originally by Kris Holechek.


Cat approved recipe
Cat approved recipe






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