Sweet Chilli, er, sauce?

The finished article

The OH and I both love sweet chilli sauce so it was high time that I tried to make some. My brother-in-law’s auntie makes the most amazing version but we have yet to get the recipe! It’s sweet, tangy with the perfect amount of chilli and looks really colourful – more so than many of the red soup-looking varieties which are around.

I chose to base mine around Nigella’s recipe and then make some modifications as appropriate.

Ingredients for sweet chilli sauce
As you can tell from this photo my jam sugar is a little past its best…

Unfortunately my jam sugar was rather out of date and I didn’t have enough, so substituted 150g of sugar (out of 750g) with granulated. (Side note: there is mega sugar in sweet chilli sauce). This was probably why my sauce was pretty saucy and not very jammy! Jam sugar has pectin added to help everything set. Still tasted good – it just changes how you use it – more as a drizzle or a flavour addition.

I roasted some garlic and onion in the oven until they were soft and mushy and added these in, along with some fresh ginger blitzed with the chilli and peppers. The jury’s out as to whether they have added anything.

Garlic and onion for roasting
Garlic and onion for roasting
Blitzed chilli and sweet peppers and ginger.
Blitzed chilli and sweet peppers and ginger. This smelt so good.

I probably should have boiled the mixture a little longer. I did it the recommended time but heating for more would probably have helped the thickening process.

Boiling chilli sauce
Chilli sauce-a-boiling

I made 3/4 of the recipe and it filled 3x 300-400g jam jars and 2x smaller 100g jars, perfect if you want to give a few away. Because it was so runny I wasn’t sure about it, but it tastes pretty good, nowhere near as good as ‘Auntie Lorraine’s,’ although there is plenty of room for improvement.

The finished article
The finished article

Also on a side note, wear gloves when you are handling chillies. My hands were hypersensitive to heat for almost 2 days after I deseeded these 8 or so chillies! They were burning for a lo-ong time! I thought I would be tough … and I regretted it 😛






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