Rawsome Vegan Cupcakes.. Cake…

Rawsome vegan 'Super Sexy Cacao Cashew Cupcakes'

This tasty cake requires no cooking apart from the melting of the coconut oil, which I had to do in the microwave. Despite this slight flaw to the whole ‘raw’ subject it was really simple and easy to make (I suppose one could melt it in one’s hands?!)

I have made just a couple of things from this recipe book before, like these S’mores cupcakes. It really is a great book with ‘rawsome’ photos too. All the recipes are based around nuts, dried fruit and coconut (oil mostly but also cream/milk, flesh and shredded). Generally if you are lacking in any one of the three then you’re kinda screwed. Que me running out of peanut butter and coconut oil -nooooooo!

This was designed for four separate cupcakes but I decided to make it into one large sliceable cake as I thought it would be more appealing and go further. There was plenty of the base mixture of dates, almonds and cacao powder but not enough of the filling quantities recommended to cover the entire single cake. These need to be doubled.

Raw base for the vegan cake
Raw base for the vegan cake – I neatened it a little after this photo!

This would be fine if I had enough extra peanut butter to cover the base but I ran out half way…. I also ran out of coconut oil which is used in the chocolate-style topping so ended up having to substitute the remaining required with Vitalite which I guess is not really ‘raw’ either. Even though this modified mixture tasted a bit margariney when it was warm, once it had been in the fridge you couldn’t really taste the difference.

The completed cake before entering the fridge
The completed cake before entering the fridge
I'm calling this raw vegan and gluten free chocolate torte
I’m calling this ‘raw vegan and gluten free chocolate torte’

The recipe recommends cashew butter for the filling and I substituted it for peanut butter – the OH liked the half with just chocolate topping and base but I loved both. It tastes just like those chocolate tarts you get. Yum.





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