Vegan Butterbean Brownies (and gluten-free)

Vegan brownies made with butterbeans, cranberries and nuts

I skipped to page 10 of a Google search for vegan brownies on the search for some more vegan brownie recipes to put to the test. I found this one and thought it was time to try another bean brownie recipe.

This was from Coconut Merchant and is a slightly modified version of their ‘White Bean Brownies’. Basically I added butterbeans rather than white beans (because I didn’t have any and it was the next best thing – they’re white and beans right?!). I also added mixed chopped nuts rather than walnuts and a few cranberries to add to the flavour.

So, the verdict. Not a great fan of these I must admit. They need to be sweeter. Even with agave syrup which is incredibly sweet, these tasted a little too bitter. The texture isn’t too bad and they cooked quickly but I don’t think I would make them again.

Saying that, they are pretty healthy being low in sugar and fat with, for a brownie at least, decent amounts of protein and fibre. And of course not forgetting they are gluten free.

Vegan butterbean brownies
Vegan butterbean brownies

Here’s my stats:

  1. Cakiness: 5
  2. Gooiness: 3
  3. Crispy top: 3
  4. Chocolateyness: 4
  5. Sweetness: 3
  6. Ease of making: 8
  7. Ingredient complexity: 7
  8. Overall taste: 4

PS – save your aquafaba for my next recipe – it’s a pretty good one!

Fun over, back to work now! X


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