John O’ Groats to Lands End

This may seem like a ‘thing-you-must-do-at-some-point-in-your-life-but-probably-never-will-because-it’s-too-much-effort/been-done-before-anyway-so-what’s-the-point’ kind of challenge but tomorrow I embark on this adventure. If you can call it that. You see I have like 6 months to do it and technically you don’t have to leave the house if you don’t want to. It’s all part of my works’ efforts to make their peoples more healthy and fit etc. But in the efforts of good spirit and enthusiasm I am going to give it a go and start. Expect a few weeks of feverish blog posting and then nothing for 6 months as i fail miserably to actually complete something vaguely worth achieving, again. 

However miracles do happen. Meet the vegan cheese scone which actually rose and I felt actually could pass as, ‘a cheese scone.’

That aside, lets see what happens. No promises of anything apart from maybe, failure?

Have you done any challenges recently? Any chance of some motivational ass-get-in-gear to keep me going for more than a day?



1 Comment

  1. Hello Annette

    This is a great challenge and hats off to you for taking it on! You will do this no problem!

    I’ve been challenging myself for about a year and a half now with My Peak Challenge. It helps having my challenges listed on my blog and ticking them off. Some I haven’t completed yet, but as long as I’m doing some of them I’m happy. It gets addicitive after a while!

    I look forward to following your progress. Well done!



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