Design: Saint Cuthbert’s Way Ultra Trophy

Saint Cuthbert's Way Ultra Trophy

We were asked to make a trophy base for the Saint Cuthbert’s Way Ultramarathon Race by the organisers of the race, Trail Outlaws. They had purchased a lovely replica St Cuthbert’s cross made by Wild Goose Studio and needed a mount and base with plates for engraving.

Saint Cuthbert's Cross from Wild Goose Studios in Ireland
Saint Cuthbert’s Cross from Wild Goose Studios in Ireland

Originally the base was supposed to be an ‘impossible wood’ design but unfortunately it didn’t quite work out and we went for this sandwich-style design instead. We both thought it looked better anyway. The woods are walnut and oak and are finished with Danish Oil which acts to protect and darken the wood.

The stand itself has a uniquely-designed celtic style detailing, carefully cut with a mini scroll/fret saw. It is fully removable to allow for engraving to take place. A small dowel holds the cross in place.

The engraving plates and name plate are made of copper and hand stamped. The letters will oxidise over time and add a lovely effect. I thought about adding another couple of plates on the sides but it would have overwhelmed the design with the amount of copper.


To finish it off we added these little rubber feet.

Rubber feet on the trophy base to help prevent scratches
Rubber feet on the trophy base to help prevent scratches

We were both pretty proud of the result!

Saint Cuthbert's Way Ultra Trophy
Saint Cuthbert’s Way Ultra Trophy

Congratulations to everyone who finished the 45 miles from Holy Island to Melrose along the Saint Cuthbert’s Way. We hope everyone had fun in the race and congratulations to Peter Gibson who came in first place and will be the first proud owner of this trophy … until next year!

Saint Cuthbert's Way Ultra Trophy ready to be awarded
Saint Cuthbert’s Way Ultra Trophy ready to be awarded!

A Unique Craft Business – Medals and Trophies

So, in case you don’t already know, I, well technically we(!), have a little craft business on the side (one that is designed to be profitable rather than just a ‘hobby business’ as they say). We have the rather unusual business of making bespoke and different-to-the-usual medals and trophies.

We have made anything between 3 and 500! Get in touch if you are interested in what we can do for you!

I want to go through each thing I’ve done individually, but here’s my favourites so far:

Cakefest 1
Cakefest  (2014) – my ultimate favourite medal!
D33 2016 medals
D33 ultramarathon (2016) medals and trophies
D33 beer and medal
D33 ultramarathon (2011) – the first production
D33 ulramarathon (2014) – another favoutite
Jedburgh Ultramarathon
Jedburgh Ultramarathon (2015) – designed around the Jedburgh Abbey window
Lindsays borders marathon
lindsays Borders Marathon (2014)
Stonehaven running club
Stonehaven Running Club (2011)

What do you think? Would you be happy to receive one of these?