Up close with black and white dragonflies

I am trying to get my photographs more organised on the computer and it’s always nice to come across some photos which you don’t remember. Here are a few such images which were taken on a holiday to Kent a few years ago. I had a play with these and have converted them all to black and white which I think really brings out the eyes.

Close up of a dragonfly
Sunlit wings of a dragonfly
Grasshopper with very long antennae
Dragonfly on a stick
Dragonfly looking for prey


I went through quite a few images realising how few of them actually had the focus on the eyes. I really like some of these though. I was lucky in that the places we went had tens of dragonflies and thousands of grasshoppers, so you were never far away from another photo opportunity. Unfortunately the subject of the last photo had a dodgy wing and I’ve only just noticed – until next time!

Do you have a favourite? Leave a comment with which one you like the best.

Annette X