Facts about Selling on Etsy


I collected data on 267 shops on Etsy which belong to the UK Etsyers group. I took a note of:

  • Number of items for sale
  • Shop start date
  • Number of reviews
  • Number of sales
  • Number of admirers

I found out some interesting things by looking at these numbers.

  1. 18% of shops had no sales: Over half of these had no items so could partially explain why they had no sales. Apart from one shop which had just opened all of these shops had less than 31 items. Also over 80% had less than 10 admirers. Therefore if you have no sales get more items and get lots of admirers.
  2. 23% of shops had no items and an additional 11% were on holiday: This means that at any one time 1/3 of shops aren’t trading. Think of this as less competition, but if you want to sell, make sure you keep your shop stocked.
  3. Around a quarter of sales will get a review: Apart from one crazy outlier who had loads of reviews, this is a very strong relationship. So if you get 1 review out of every four items you sell, you’re fine.
  4. Almost half of shops have less than 50 total sales: You will be in the top 20% of shops if you have sold over 100 since you have been open.
  5. The average number of sales in the first 6 months of opening is 11.
  6. The highest number of sales per day (as an average since the shop has opened) is 6: Sometimes I wonder for all your effort over the years, is it worth just 6 items a day?
  7. More items = more sales

8. More admirers = more sales

9. March and July-September are the least popular months for opening shops: Half the number of shops are started in these months compared to others.

Have any questions, please free to ask!